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By Springfield Pediatrics
August 03, 2012
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July 30, 2012.


Confirmed Measles Case in Coconino County

A confirmed case of measles has been identified in a Flagstaff resident in Coconino County. The case is an unvaccinated child.  The case was confirmed by testing performed at Arizona State Public Health Laboratory. The child was likely contagious from July 4th through July 12th. The source of the infection in under investigation; the case has no recent travel history or interaction with anyone who has traveled or is foreign-born.

Measles is a viral disease of the upper respiratory system and is highly transmissible among unvaccinated or immunocompromised population. Both airborne and droplet transmission of measles can occur. Measles is not often seen in the US; however, cases in individuals who have travelled overseas to areas with endemic measles do sporadically occur. The best way to prevent measles is to receive two doses of MMR vaccine.

To report cases or for additional information please contact your local health department or the Arizona Department of Health Services at 602-364-3676.

Culled from the AZ Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, bulletin.